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Easy US Visa Interview questions & answers

“US Visa Interview Questions and Answers”

The following “US Visa Interview Questions and Answers” are an excerpt from THE US TOURIST VISA GUIDE.

During your USA visitor visa interview, you want to keep your answers short and only answer specifically what they ask you. Of course you want to be polite, but by keeping your answers short, you give the Immigration less chance to find something he or she does like about your application.

While these questions and answers are simple, they are real questions that have been asked. I interviewed 118 people who successfully received their US Visitor Visa for THE US TOURIST VISA GUIDE.

The answers below were exact answers given.

US Visa Interview Questions and Answers

o In the past, what countries have you visited?
§ United kingdom, South Africa, Malaysia & Argentina
(Note: If you intend to visit for tourism, then it would be better to set the precedent that you love to travel, even to neighboring countries by bus. And if you have gone to distant countries or “developed” nations in the past, then this will help your interview.)

o How long will you stay?
§ 3 days
§ 1 week
(Note: You want to give exact dates during your interview. Even if you are exploring and are unsure, make sure you have specific dates and ideas for your interview.)

o Why so much or so little time?
§ I own a very busy business venture and soon we will be starting a busy season.
§ My father is in the hospital here and I need to take care of him, but my sister is taking care of him so I can take a vacation.

o Where are / what do your parents do?
§ They live here, in the city of X, they are retired and are taking care of my house and three dogs while I am away.

o Who is paying for your vacation?
§ Myself, I am a supervisor at store X.
§ My parents before I go to University.
§ The firm I work for because I am going to a seminar to increase our inventory.

o What evening are you coming back?
§ June 18th
(Note: Be very specific. Remember, they want to know when and why you will returning to your home country)

o What does your family do there??
§ I have no family in the USA
§ In the United States, my aunt works at ... or is employed for ...

o How much money do they make each year?
§ Probably a lot because they are very professional.

o Why are you not going with your boyfriend?
§ I want a vacation away from my agency and don’t want to see any of my friends for the two weeks I am away.

Did you notice the pattern? Every time, a very precise answer was given to the specific question. Officials will often try to trick or confuse you, such as by asking you questions such as the one above about your family living in the U.S.. Your supporting documents already tell them the answer, but they are basically looking for a reason to deny you. We all know the United States are tough and it is their job to deny people, so it is your responsibility to prove you will return to your home country; that there is zero chance you will overstay your visa.

In my book below, there is a complete list to help you prepare. All the questions and answers above come from book listed below. Like I said, 118 people were questioned after their interview to find out the exact questions they were asked as well as the exact answers they offered.

What to do if you are scared for your USA tourist visa interview: THE US TOURIST VISA GUIDE


  1. To obtain a tourist visa to USA, you need to apply for a visa from the USA embassy or consulate. As a tourist, you will need a non-immigrant visa. To get a visa, you need to book an appointment by filling a form and pay the required fee. It is through the interview that the embassy will decide to award the visa.

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